Training & Support

Welcome to the Emporos Training Site. We are pleased to provide training to help you make the most of our MerchantSoft features and functions.

We understand that your Pharmacy is busy and that your primary goal is to offer your customers a positive shopping experience. With that in mind, Emporos provides a phased approach for MerchantSoft training to get you ‘up to speed’ quickly and give you the confidence to complete transactions at Point of Sale efficiently.

Here’s our approach.

Online Training Portal Access

During the Initiating – Phase 1 of the project, the Emporos Project Manager (PM) will provide a login and password for your organization to access our Training and Support Portal at Your team can view instructional videos, download User’s Guides and see frequently asked questions.

Customized Training Curriculum

During the Planning – Phase 2 of the project, the Emporos PM, your project team and the Emporos trainers will meet to plan training. Discussion will include whether training will be remote or on-site, whether the Emporos trainers will train your trainers, super users or all Point of Sale users, and more. After creating the Training Plan, we will ask for your sign-off on the plan to set the stage for a successful launch of MerchantSoft.

Train Administrators for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing is critical to the success of your MerchantSoft installation. The Emporos trainers provide a customized UAT “kit” with functional test cases to complete in your LAB/TEST environment.

Testers should include MerchantSoft administrators, pharmacy stakeholders, and MerchantSoft support personnel. We recommend each installation have at least one Subject Matter Expert (SME) and one backup.

The Administrators course prepares the team for testing. You will look at configuration settings for MerchantSoft Enterprise, Point of Sale, workflows, and learn how to create users, and set permissions.

Execute Training Plan

Customized training takes place during Executing - Phase 3 of the project.

Train the Trainer
Emporos trains your Trainers or Super Users* to share their MerchantSoft knowledge with co-workers at their pharmacy location(s). Training includes all Point of Sale workflows including opening and closing activities for the store and daily business reporting.

*Super Users are those individuals who grasp technology easily and are available to assist co-workers when problems occur or someone needs coaching. Super Users may be techs, managers, pharmacy technicians, or MerchantSoft Support personnel.

Point of Sale
If preferred, Emporos will train your techs, pharmacists, and store management. Training includes all Point of Sale workflows.

Mobile Delivery
Learn the workflow for delivery, beginning at Point of Sale with completion on the iOS device.

Daily Reconciliation
Training focuses on Cash Drawer Reconciliation, Card Payment Reconciliation, and daily business reporting.

Finance Reporting
Designed for treasury or pharmacy financial personnel, this course focuses on sales and revenue reporting. Learn how to use View History, our Ad Hoc reporting tool. If your installation includes Accounts Receivable or General Ledger Export, we recommend your financial team be involved to learn how these tools work and how month end closing takes place.

Accounts Receivable
This course includes how to view Customer AR transactions, set Credit Hold, use the Deposits program, make account adjustments, close end of month, and print statements.

Over-the-Counter Item Management
Training includes adding items to the Item Master, updating prices, and inventory replenishment with EmporosAIR.

MerchantSoft Support

To support your MerchantSoft users most effectively, Emporos recommends you appoint at least one person at each pharmacy site to become a MerchantSoft subject matter expert (SMEs). Support training includes common hardware and software issues, troubleshooting connectivity issues, employee maintenance, and permissions.

Go-Live Support

We understand that even though you completed training, the MerchantSoft system is still new and you need to build confidence with how things work. Our Go-Live team is available to provide some ‘extra’ attention as you settle into a routine. Go-Live support occurs in the Monitoring and Controlling – Phase 4 of the project.

On-Going Training

After becoming more familiar with the routine tasks of the system, extend your knowledge with refresher training, supplemental reporting features, or use of additional modules.

Customer Login

Our training portal is packed with MerchantSoft resources including release notes, FAQs, videos and documentation. Current customers may request login credentials by emailing or calling 877.716.2400.